Don’t let limited subject choices restrict your passion for learning!

It is hard enough for high school students to be excited and remain motivated during the course of their high school career. Subject choice should not be one of the reasons why students lose their passion and excitement for studying.

In most high school’s students between grades 10 and 12 often have to take a subject or two which they would not have picked if they had an alternative. This is due to the “grouping” of subjects which simply cannot be helped in large schools. If large schools did not group subjects into particular categories, resulting in a limited variety of choices for their students, it would create a logistical nightmare.

The advantage of a small private school however, is that it does not have these logistical restrictions and students are free to take the subjects of their choice (within curriculum prescriptions), without having to be bogged down with subject “grouping” or categories.

This means that at False Bay High School there is no “forced” subject choices. Students are free to take any of the subjects offered by the school (within curriculum prescriptions) which include:

Afrikaans, English, Maths, Maths Literacy, Physics, Life Science, Geography, History, Tourism, CAT (Computer Application Technology), Religious Studies, Visual Art (Photography, Painting, Drawing etc.), Design, Business Studies, Life Orientation and Accounting.

Furthermore, students at False Bay High School, who wishes to take a curriculum related subject (such as isiXhosa or German) which are not offered by the school can make arrangements to take this subject through alternative means and still complete their Grade 12 studies through False Bay High School.

If subject choices have caused your child to be frustrated, then False Bay High School is probably an option you would like to consider.

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