High School Students: Don’t get lost in the crowd!

As a parent, I want to know that my child receives just the right amount of attention he needs at school to successfully master the curriculum in order to reach his academic potential.

However, with the content heavy CAPS curriculum and large class sizes many students are getting lost in the crowd when it comes to public schools in South Africa. Even, with the most experienced teachers, it is simply not possible for teachers to cope with the growing amount of students in their classes.

That is why at False Bay High School we offer a 1 to 5, teacher to student ratio. The school has specifically been designed with very small classes (in some cases 2 or 3 in a class) to maximize the personal attention received by each and every learner. In a small private school like ours, students are guaranteed to receive the individual attention they need to achieve their academic potential.

If your child has ever complained about feeling like “just a number in class” or that the “pace in class is just too fast” or that his/her “teachers does not have time to take their questions” or to “go over difficult homework answers”, then False Bay High is probably an option you would like to consider.

To find out more about False Bay High School, phone 021 853 7314, email hoof@falsebayhigh.co.za, visit our website (www.falsebayhigh.co.za) or find us on Facebook.